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Mission Statement
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Spiritwise Paranormal Investigations is a non-profit group whose purpose is to research and investigate evidence of the paranormal. We use practices and methods which are scientific in nature. We also seek to promote increased understanding of paranormal activity. We will respect the opinions of both believers and skeptics. We also vow to help in anyway we can to anyone who feels they need help with there paranormal experiences.

We WILL respect the memory and dignity of those who have left the earth of their physical bodies.

We WILL accept donations for travel expenses, equipment and fuel.

We WILL conduct our investigations and research in a professional manner.

We WILL seek to improve our own knowledge of paranormal phenomenon and research practices.

We WILL treat all property, public and private, with respect in our investigations.

We WILL disclose research findings in a professional but sensitive manner, free from personal bias. Also we will follow the confidentiality that is requested by the client.

We will NOT create false or misleading interpretations of our research results.

We will NOT attempt to research or investigate any paranormal activity, which is beyond our means.

We will NOT use our research or findings to cause harm or fear.

We will NOT use ouija boards, seances or any other form of summoning in order to do research of the paranormal.

We will NOT charge for any of these services.

We will NOT provoke or harass an unseen spirit.

All information, sounds, photographs and the like, displayed on this website, are the sole property of SpiritwisePI. Permission to reproduce any part of this website must be obtained in writing from the owner. spiritwisepi@yahoo.com

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