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Founded by Megynne Scott, Spiritwise Paranormal Investiations is a not-for-profit organization based in Northern NJ area. We have been investigating for over 10 years. We are dedicated to investigating and unexplained phenomenon in both private and public locations.
Our organization is comprised of a group of individuals who share a common goal in researching, collecting data and documenting paranormal phenomenon for scientific research.
We treat every investigation with a high level of professionalism and we respect both the deceased and the living. We also attempt to preform our research in a discreet manner as to not disrupt regular activities, and add to an already emotional time due to existing paranormal events. We respect the beliefs of all including those who do not share the same views we have about spirits and ghosts.
All paranormal evidence, including photos, videos and audio recordings of paranormal events or investigations are kept in the strictest confidence and we will only release or publish infomation on cases where permission has been granted to do so by authorized parties.
Any authorized realeases of the aformentioned evidence will be made available to the public unaltered and uncensored via the website or in person with appropraite advanced notice.
We seek to educate ourselves and others of spirits and or ghosts of how and why they exist. We seek the truth, and will share with others what we believe to be the truth with information we've gathered from our investigations, and from paranormal investigators worldwide.


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